Ministry Ideas 

Youth Ministry Ideas

Youth Ministry Ideas are plentiful both in print and on the Internet but this website has one of the most important of the many youth ministry ideas, G-TRAX Devo’s.

This website offers a very unique Bible study environment as one very effective youth ministry idea. Unique youth ministry ideas are not so easy to find. Most of them are “cookie cutter” websites with the usual single page consisting of a theme verse, short explanation of the verse and then an application that’s already spelled out for the teen. During my nine years in the youth ministry we tried many youth ministry ideas but they didn’t provide a tool that encourages “hands-on” study.

My youth ministry idea was to have the teen directly involved in the entire study including coming up with their own application based on what they just studied. Many of the students mentioned to me, during my years in the youth ministry, that the camps and other events were necessary but there wasn’t a tool that helped the teen with their daily walk with God. This website has the tool that will encourage a daily walk with God by given teens an environment where they participate in every aspect of the study including coming up with their own application. A typical devotional begins with a thought-provoking story and then a series of questions each day. In Saturday’s study, they are asked to apply the study to their own lives rather than being spoon-fed an application that may or may not apply to their individual life.

There are literally thousands of youth ministry ideas on the web. Many of them are great tools and are effective in engaging your teen and bring them closer to God.

Youth ministry ideas will come and go but the youth ministry idea that will really make a difference is the one that will get your teen in the Bible on a daily basis and like it.